Simple 3 Step Natural Skin Care Routine

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Fabulous Tips for Regular Moms

Fabulous Tips for Regular Moms

Moms always seem like they’re competing …. somehow with each other.  We want to do what the other mom across the street is doing with her kids – we find crafts on pinterest, follow Disney parenting advice, try to attachment parent, and all that jazz.

Co-sleep … don’t co-sleep.  Nurse, but not for too long because they might become attached.  Lay the baby on their back, but not for too long or you’ll cause head deformities … you know the ‘tips’ ::

Here are some “just relax already” tips we’ve found helpful (and amusing) along the way ..

Maintaining your Sanity

Practicing for Motherhood

New Mom Truths

Cheeky Mom Tips 

Twin Tips

Scary Mommy Blog 

Those are just a few of my favorites – hope you enjoy as much as I do!

Minecraft Creeper Cake

I am NOT a baker, or cake maker … and not very artistic.  But, my baby boy requested a creeper Minecraft cake for his 10th birthday.  This is my attempt.  He loved it, so it was a success!  A long, 5 hour pain-staking success.  I always very much appreciate cake designers when I attempt something like this and realize how WORTH it, it is to pay them $60 for a handmade, designer cake.Image

GIVEAWAY Bridal or Baby Shower Favors

You read that title RIGHT, we’re giving a special bride or new mama FREE natural soap shower favors!  What’s fabulous about our shower favors?  They’re natural, vegan, and can be custom designed from top to bottom!  You will be able to select the colors, scent, and even have a hand in designing the custom tag!

The winner will be announced April 20th.  We will need approximately 3-4 weeks to complete your custom made favors, so please make sure your event is after that time frame.


1.  Register for our NEWSLETTER
2.  Share our Fan Page with your friends! Let them know you’ve entered to win FREE shower favors.
3.  Ask your friends to LIKE our Fan Page.
4.  Leave us a comment on our Facebook Fan Page telling us you are now registered to WIN FREE Bridal or Baby Shower Favors from Krug’s Eco-Logic !Image

THAT’S IT – you’re registered to WIN!


** Please note – we will verify all steps are completed for valid entry.  Maximum of 50 custom favors will be made for winner. **